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Public  Drop Off Site
We accept only items listed herefor recycling drop off: 
                  Cardboard                #1 -#7 Plastic bottles
 Magazines                            Tin food cans
    Newspaper                          Aluminum cans
       Office Paper                   Aluminum foil/pans
     Clear, Green or Brown Glass Bottles
We do not accept: garbage, styrofoam, plastic grocery bags, plastic toys or plastic items not marked with the recycling symbol. For drop off we do not accept commingled materials or "mixed paper". Items MUST be separated. There is a container for newspaper/magazines/catalogs and a separate container for office paper/junkmail. Plastic bottles #1-#7 can be placed in the same container, but that is separate from the one for tin and aluminum cans. Each color of glass has it's own container as well.
PLEASE DO NOT MIX RECYCLABLES when using the drop off site.
Drop off containers are located on the south side of our Recycling Center at
420 Paul Ave. in Champaign.  
(see map on the C/D Recycling page) We recommend you take Wilbur Avenue to Fifth Street and then turn left on Paul. Containers will then be on your right hand side. Drop off hours are Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm. 
Items for drop off should be cleaned and placed in their designated containers. Since our drop off site receives no public funding, failure to comply with our policies could lead to closure of the site. The City of Champaign used to pay $150,000 per year to a contractor to run their drop off site. NO ONE pays us, so please help us keep the material clean, sorted and easily recyclable.